March 21, 2019

MIC and Media at Risk are co-organizing the Media Future Summit at Annenberg. This year’s summit will look extensively toward the near future — a world perhaps of blockchain, cryptocurrency micropayments, a government-broken-up duopoly, an attention economy, and so on.  Read more about the summit here.


Check back soon!



MIC Co-Directors Victor Pickard and Todd Wolfson pen new essay in Media Theory discussing Edward S. Herman’s antifascist intellectual roots, his media criticism and his activism in Philadelphia.

Radical Interventions: Ed Herman’s Intellectual Roots and Activism within the Political Economic Tradition


MIC Co-Director Victor Pickard and Annenberg PhD Candidate Pawel Popiel author a new report for the Benton Foundation on FCC Commissioner Michael Copps and his ‘Media Democracy Agenda.’ Read the piece here, with foreword by former FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn.

The Media Democracy Agenda: The Strategy and Legacy of FCC Commissioner Michael J. Copps


New Article out! Read: The Strange Life and Death of the Fairness Doctrine: Tracing the Decline of Positive Freedoms in American Policy Discourse, a new article by MIC Co-Director Victor Pickard in the International Journal of Communication.


Read all about MIC’s COMPASS Summer Fellows as the program heads to Washington D.C. the week of June 4. For the next two months, Fellows will be immersed in learning about U.S. federal policymaking as they make their own contributions to the policy process through their research at their host organizations, as well as through COMPASS’s weekly seminar.

Dr. Victor Pickard pens article in The Nation, calling for a new social contract with Internet giants like Facebook and a broader, bolder vision for what Facebook owes society in return for the incredible power it’s been allowed to accumulate. Read it here.