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Media, Movements, and the City: A Gathering of Media Activism in Philadelphia

September 28, 2018

The goal of this one-day event is to activate a local hub of media makers, activists, artists, and researchers working towards social justice in Philadelphia. This will be the first step toward a long-term plan to develop stronger networks of interaction in Philly with the goal of strengthening ties, sharing ideas and resources, and forging connections and collaborations.

The media activism gathering is co-sponsored by Temple’s Klein College of Media and Communication; The Media, Inequality & Change Center (UPenn and Rutgers); the Center for Advanced Research in Global Communication (UPenn); the Media Activism Research Collective (UPenn); The School of Social Policy & Practice (UPenn); and Rutgers School of Communication and Information. The planning group also includes PhillyCAM and Media Mobilizing Project.

This event is invitation only. For more information, contact briar.smith@asc.upenn.edu






November 8, 2018

In its fourth year, the Media Future Summit was founded by journalist Bob Garfield to seek and cultivate ethical, sustainable business models and revenue streams ensuring a robust media sector, especially journalism, as a crucial element of democracy. A daylong-long summit (and a dinner the night before) of owners, C-suite executives and scholars engaged in conversation and spirited debate. It is not a passive experience; the formal program in the form of panels and keynotes is a point of departure for the back-and-forth among the delegates.

2018 Program: In a slight departure from previous years, the agenda will focus entirely on a slightly speculative but very likely near future in which 1) the Facebook/Google duopoly has been significantly altered by legislation, litigation, regulation or the threat thereof, 2) block chain technology has driven layers of ad tech from the advertising supply chain, 3) and has also facilitated a micropayment/token a la carte pay-per-view architecture based on ad impressions or, increasingly 4) attention.

MIC and the Center for Media at Risk are cooperating to organize this year’s summit, along with MediaPost Communications.

MFS is an invitation-only event. Prospective delegates can be tapped by co-hosts, trade-association partners or the organizers. All delegates must purchase badges, which fund the event, and all participants must commit to attending the entire day. There are certain exceptions to this, such as for Annenberg Graduate Students and Post-Docs, so please contact briar.smith@asc.upenn.edu or emily.plowman@asc.upenn.edu if you have interest in attending.

For more information on this year’s host and the program, please visit http://www.mediafuturesummit.com/#overview